Utilizing LinkedIn to get what you need!

LinkedIn has proven to be a very popular professional network and if utilized can be a great tool to get new customers and great referral partners, but sadly we create a profile, put up our resume details and fail to achieve any success.

  • Have you ever wondered why you need to be on LinkedIn?
  • You have a LinkedIn profile, now what?
  • Can you promote your business on LinkedIn?
  • Is there more to LinkedIn than a job search or recruiting?
  • Do I really have to endorse these people?
  • Have you wondered why others have seen success in LinkedIn but you have never seen anything?

So many people, create a profile because it’s free but never get anything from this social network, but unless you establish a true ‘WHY’ and have a ‘STRATEGY’ to utilize this social network to help achieve your personal or business goals you will never maximize the benefit of it.

LinkedIn – Secrets Unleashed!

Learn the secrets of LinkedIn that can truly change your business forever! Join us for our LinkedIn Bootcamp and explore the POWER of LinkedIn, to truly get what you need.

  • Learn about how LinkedIn is evolving and how you can EMBRACE ITS POWER.
  • Establish your ‘WHY’ and a ‘STRATEGY’ with LinkedIn.
  • Hands-on feed back to help your profile STAND-OUT and attract the RIGHT connections.
  • 7 steps to LinkedIn SUCCESS, with real life examples.
  • Introduction to SOCIAL SELLING, without you selling!

BONUS – Learn how to embrace social channels, build ‘RIVERS OF INFORMATION’  for great content to share in LinkedIN or to add to your knowledge for an competitive advantage.

Pending your experience with LinkedIn we structure our workshops from 1 day to 2 day workshops. Contact to learn more.